What is TimelineE?

It's a dead simple timeline creation and sharing service. It's free.

TimelineE is pronounced as "Timeline E", where the trailing "e" means "Everything".

I'm actively developing TimelineE, committing code everyday. The development of TimelineE is logged as a timeline!

If you get a chance, could you take this 1-minute survey and give me some feedbacks for TimelineE: goo.gl/bB76YF

Why TimelineE?

I like timelines. I've built timelines for many things, e.g., for learning history of China, for preparing my PhD qual exam, for understanding news events that I followed, ...

There are way too many timeline creation services, e.g., tiki-toki, timeglider, ReadWriteThink, preceden ... Why do I build another one? I just can't find the simple one that I really want to use. So I build one for myself.

I'm not satisfied with existing timeline creation services for two main reasons:

  • First, I don't need fancy visualization. I just want a Twitter-like interface for timeline, where I can scroll up and down to see events. However, most timeline services present a timeline in a horizontal time axis, which I don't like -- I don't scroll left and right as often as I scroll up and down.
  • Second, I need timezone support, which is useful for reading breaking news timelines. For example, I closely followed MH370 incident, which happened in a different timezone (Malaysia Time) from mine (Pacific Time). I want to see the timeline with a timezone that I'm most comfortable with.

So, here comes TimelineE. It presents timelines that I can scroll up and down and it supports timezone. That's it.

Who builds this service?

The only developer is me, Wenbin. I'm working as a software engineer in San Francisco.

I spent my Labor Day long weekend of 2014 finishing the prototype of TimelineE and launching it as a beta version on Hacker News, where my post was lucky to stay on the front page for several hours :)

What limits are there?

You can create as many timelines as you want. In each timeline, there's no limit for events as well.

The description of a timeline should be within 100 characters. The description of an event should be within 256 characters. There's not a particular reason for choosing 100 & 256. Just want to be terse.

What's your business model?

Google AdSense.

Why are you offering this for free?

I just want to build something that my family, friends and I want to use. That's it. We don't charge family or friends, right?

How do you pick "Recommended Timelines" on home page?

I decide what should go to home page for now.

If I consider any timeline is a good use case of TimelineE, I would put it on the home page.

Can I have a private timeline?

Yes. When you create a timeline, you toggle the switch to "private":

Create a private timeline

The newly created timeline will not be listed on your profile page, unless you log in.

Note: anyone who has the timeline URL can still see it, which makes it easy to share your private timeline.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help us:

  • Use it! I love to see TimelineE help people in their real life.
  • Spread the words. Tell your friends, or anyone else about nFiles! Blog about it, post on forums, comment about it on reddit, facebook, twitter, or anywhere.
  • Let me know your suggestions, comments, or your favorite use cases of TimelineE: [email protected]